Writers Room DC

Writers Room DC provides quiet, comfortable, and affordable workspace to serious writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Writers who wish to use the facility may apply for three-month or six-month memberships. ­­­­ Workstations are available whenever a member chooses to come in, and a workstation may be used for as long as the member wishes.

WRDC is located at 4000 Albemarle St. NW, directly across Albemarle from the Tenley Metro. Our top-floor suite, 510, is spacious and filled with natural light. We have fine views up Wisconsin Avenue, a kitchenette, and windows that open. Lockers are available for books and laptops. Wi-fi, coffee, a selection of teas, and printing are provided at no extra charge. Besides Metro access, there is four-hour metered parking across the street and free, on-street, two-hour parking within three blocks. 

Joining WRDC generally begins with a tour of the space and a brief discussion of our membership options. Our lowest-cost membership is $140 per month—less than the cost of two lattes a day. (Initiation fees are being waived for the time being.) After an application is completed and approved, a new member can start using the space immediately.

Many cities now have facilities like ours. There are six in New York alone, some with waiting lists. The benefit most often mentioned is simply peace and quiet. You don’t hear ringing phones, doorbells, people talking, or even the sound of newspaper pages being turned. No one interrupts because they need something. Many writers, even writers with workspace at home, are finding that a totally distraction-free environment can do wonders for their focus and productivity.

Another often-mentioned benefit, interestingly, is the presence of other writers. Motivation and seriousness are highly contagious. (Isn’t that why so many of us prefer to do our sit-ups at the gym?) Some writers also ­value the chance to talk with fellow writers in a social space like our kitchenette.

 On a less tangible level, many members of writing rooms say that becoming a member of a writing room conveys one’s seriousness about one’s project to friends, family, and oneself.

To schedule a tour, we ask that you contact us by email at info@writersroomdc.com. We will try to respond the same day.

User Reviews

“All I can say is that my first trip to the Writers Room far exceeded my expectations. I’d just begun working on a memoir and I worked virtually without distraction for three hours. I got more done here than I would have at home in twice the time (or more). It’s a terrific environment. (BTW, subsequent trips have been the same.)”

 - Herta Feely, author and editor. www.chrysaliseditorial.com

“Why do I go to Writers Room DC? It is because of the distraction free zone it provides. In my space at home I have my dog and innumerable other cute distractions. At the coffee shop, pastries and the beat of the music take me away. The Writers Room is cool because it has a Zen like austerity, and coffee in the common room. It has other writers there for inspiration but not interruption. And it is open whenever I want to go, 24-7. No excuses anymore!”

 - Matteo Pistono, author of In the Shadow of the Buddha: Secret Journeys, Sacred Histories, and Spiritual Discovery in Tibet. www.matteopistono.com

“Writing at the Writers Room isn't just quiet and serene. It's a professional destination where my unconscious mind knows to get right to work as soon as I slip into a carrel. Although I have a desk at home I've written more and written better since joining the Writers Room. Bravo and many thanks Charles and Writers Room team!”

  - Tami Lewis Brown, author of Soar, Elinor! and The Map of Me. www.tamilewisbrown.com
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